Global Handler is not Working

I have created a simple workflow in Main.xaml that is sending Hotkey to a note pad without using open Application , to get an intentional error .
Now I have created one Global Handler to use the Retry and Abort property just for understanding purpose.
i am assigning one counter variable and depending on the count it will either Retry or Abort.
But my workflow is not working , moreover how can I incorporate there two activities at one time as when I am Running my Main.xaml Global Handler Sequence is just not working.
I have attached the created project files .
@codemonkee ,@bcorrea,@loginerror please help Understanding Global (52.7 KB)

Hi @Jyotirmoy77

Could you provide more details as to what is not working? :slight_smile:

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Thankyou for response.
In my main workflow I have only one activity that is Send Hotkey to a notepad without having Attach window or open application with Note pad type to get an intentional errror .
Now in another sequence I have created the Global Handler of type Global Handler and then I am using different methods like – errorInfo.RetryCount , errorInfo.ActivityInfo.Name , errorAction.Abort and errorAction.Retry .
So when I run my file (Normal Run /Debug) I am getting normal execution error and the Global Handler file is just not working .

@Jyotirmoy77 Please refer attached official package to understand the working of global handler.
Use writeline/any other traceable activity(like: exception used in example workflow) to check. (149.7 KB)


Thank you Arpit , it worked

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