Global Handler in UIPath Studio 1018.4 Update Course, need clarification on 2 items, please

I am in the first lesson of this course, learning about Global Handler, however, I am doing something wrong because when I run in Debug mode, I click Continue (F5) twice and finally get the Exception Message, but there are no details available, such shown in the video image here.

Snapshot from video

The Exception Message I am getting does not show those options, however, they do appear on the menu, is this just to do with the 2019.8 version I am using?

I usually wrap all my code in Try Catch, what am I gaining using the Global Handler? I must have missed the entire point and would appreciate understanding this topic. Is it to be used to provide me with more information regarding the type of error?

Hi @MaryB2019

The options being moved to the ribbon is indeed a change introduced in the 2019.8.

As to the use cases of the Global Handler, please see here the documentation:

Thank you for responding.