Give Edit Permissions on ONLY Asset the user creates

As the title suggests, I’m looking for a way to give edit access to an asset item that a user creates.

Currently the way it works (as far as I’m aware) is you can give them create access, and they can create assets, but they cannot edit the assets. If you give them edit access, they can edit ALL of the assets, which is obviously undesirable outside some sort of specific admin/superuser role.

Is there a way to give a role the ability to create and edit ONLY those assets which they’ve created?

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is it


No, it is hosted on Azure.

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Check this

@shwin S

This seems related to robot deployment which isn’t an issue. I’m looking to find a way to give a user who’s role has the create permission for assets to be able to edit ONLY the assets they created. This is an issue related to user roles/permissions and Orchestrator settings.

My options in the example of assets are view, edit, create, delete. I would like to give a user the ability to create an asset, and edit that particular asset, without giving them the “edit” permission (this would let them edit ANY assets within that tenant).

We don’t intend to have 15+ tenants, so it would be ideal that a user that created an asset can then edit it in the future to updated passwords stored in credential assets for example if they expire (for a 3rd party website for example).

If I’m missing something with the link you sent, feel free to let me know, but I mainly saw conversation related to Attended/Unattended robots on Azure VMs which is unrelated to the issue I have.


I think you should post this in the Ideas category, but still i think will not be implemented, imagine the trouble to code this into Orchestrator. I understand why you want this but is not possible right now…