Restriction for which job/asset the user can run/edit

It’s possible that someone has already brought this up.
We’re suffering from not having enough control on which user can run which specific RPA job.
Also, if we allow a user to edit Assets, he/she can actually edit all assets, which is definitely not good.
I know we can use Units, but there are so many small teams in our company, we cannot create that many units, given that robots cannot be shared across units.
So it’ll really be great if there is a restriction for which job/asset the user can run/edit

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yo can achieve this by creating roles and for each role you can restrict every actions

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yes, we actually do not allow users to delete any asset or queues. However, the view/edit permission gives all users the capability to view/edit any assets. We hope that for each specific asset, we can define who/which group of users can view/edit. This also applies for jobs, we want to only allow user A to run process A, he/she should not find Process B when starting a job.

you can restrict all these for each type of roles created.

Could you please share more instructions?
We have one organization unit and 3 unattended robots.
And for example, we have 50 users, with 50 released jobs, and 50 assets.
We need to allow each of these users to run their own job, and edit their own asset, while at the same time, not able to run the other 49 jobs and the other 49 assets, because those belong to the other 49 users.
Is there a way to achieve this? I know we can create different environments, but user roles are not tied to environments.
We cannot create 50 organization units and purchase 50 robots, that will greatly reduce the robot usage.

Hi @Divyashreem

The Roles only lets you give access to the entire section of the Orchestrator. I believe he was suggesting that we needed to have restriction per item in the section, like only certain users can edit Asset 1, 2, and 3, but can’t edit Asset 4, 5, and 6… if that makes sense

That being said, I know there are some major improvements with 2018.3 or 2018.4, like where each user has their own settings now to change their password without needing the Edit access to the Users tab. I only saw it briefly, but am wondering if there are some other settings like this toward individual assets and jobs coming in the future.

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Then again, I’m not a fan either of giving someone too much power to limit everyone from being able to help others when they can. Like let’s say for example, someone sets up their job schedule incorrectly and it runs every 5mins on every single robot; I would not have the ability to save their embarrassment by fixing it quickly for them. There are many situations that will come up from too much restriction.

But at the same time, I also agree that we should be able to control access on an individual item rather than all the items as a whole.

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Hi Tim,

I am also having similar situation. How did you achieve it ? Could you please help in this regards.

Thanks in Advance

My situation is -

We have 3 different teams - Processes were developed accordingly for each team. If i need to give access to Orchestrator- they should be able to see their related Processes only- so whenever they want to run it - they can run it on available robots.

Arun Thej

The same challenge. Is there a solution for limiting user access to particular process (to be run)? Of course without creating separated robot and consuming another license.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @marshall,

You can use folders to achieve this. Please view