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HI All ,
i have a doubt in brining GIthub to uuipath. in my previous projects we use to have seperate repo for all usecases . in my new assignment they have given a single repo. but in my opinion we should have different repo for different usecases. only then the branches for dev and prod can be created and CICD can be implemented.
or correct me if am wrong

That depends on the project.

If you won’t be touching other code than one repo for one UiPath project will do

If you have some resources working on multiple projects than you can not keep switching the repo every now and then through UiPath’s team.

It depends on the requirement not their personal preferences.

You may try to bring in the awareness of these two approaches in your project and then finalize the one that meets the requirement better

if we go for one repo , a master folder inside there are multiple usecase folders. where every folder
is being worked on by each induviduals. though the induviduals work on the “specific” sub folders. the checkin and check out can happen only on the master folder. this is that going to be very tedious.

One repo for all project works smooth for smaller team with few developers.

What you are saying is right, but that can not be considered as a problem as the changes in the branch can be managed and viewed in many ways through the portal.

I always prefer to analyze the requirement of project first and then decide. We worked for one repo for all project too for some clients and majorly it was one repo per UiPath project.

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