UiPath Git integration

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to check what all best practices and discipline do you enforce for integrating Git with UiPath for the first time in your organization.


Just get the basics right and keep the protocol tight.

Make sure to have clear idea about your approach and define roles for members. Not everyone should be able to create the project or a branch. Have a hierarchy to be followed.

Suggested approach is to have one repository for one UiPath project and then three branches in each. dev, uat and prod

Also make sure you have one repository for group of processes that are logically linked together or “may be” if the developer needs to enhance it frequently. This will avoid reconnecting to newer branches everytime a different process needs to be checked/altered/update by the developer.

Have restriction and approval set for the prod branch, every movement towards the prod should be approved by the designated solution architect/lead developer.

The number of commits in the uat and prod should be as low as possible. This helps to track the changes made in the code at these two stages (which in many cases will be documented)

Changes in code should be reviewed thoroughly on Git (but unfortunately this is rarely done), this also promotes the idea to have bifurcation in code and create logical groups that can be reviewed independently and also can be changed/updated easily. This will be good to review the code.

Suggested is to have the CI/CD pipeline setup for this and this will take care of the code movement efficient across branches and track their changes and corresponding stories in Jira/Boards.

Hope this helps


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