GitHub integration - Working on multiple project within a single repo

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I’m new to the UiPath RPA Tool and would like to understand from the you if there is a way we can manage multiple projects/Automation within a single GitHub repository. Because, as per my understanding it is one project one repo kind of integration provided by UiPath by default.

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It is possible to have each project as different branches on the same repository. But it can create some issue while initially cloning the branch using UiPath, for that you may have to use ‘git checkout -your branch name-’ using git bash and proceed with UiPath after the initial checkout.

However, using separate git repository for each project is a good practice for UiPath projects.

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Thanks @Aswin_Bhaskar for the information!

My approach was more of like having multiple folders under the single repo. For example - if rpa-UiPath is my repo, I’ll have folder structure -
->Project1 --Project1 related files
->Project2 --Project2 related files
->Projectn --Projectn related files

Will this approach be a possible solution?

Please let me know if you need more details!

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@Harshith_Kumar Yes, this approach is possible.

Follow the steps,

1.Go to your remote repository

2.Switch to the main branch

3.Create new Branches 1 to n on the main.

4.Clone the repository using UiPath studio

5.While providing the folder path, provide the path such as- repository path\your branch name

6.After cloning, you will get a message telling there is no executable projects found. In order to clear this issue, go to git bash from the created branch folder and do ‘git status’ followed by ‘git checkout -your branch name-’.
Now, your local and remote should be connected.

7.Now you have copy an existing project to the new local project folder (created by git) or create a new project on the same location, then commit to git.

Repeat the same steps for n projects.

I hope this will help you, please get back if you’ve any questions.

Got it… Thanks @Aswin_Bhaskar

So the only way is to create branch for individual project right?


Yes @Harshith_Kumar , this is what I’ve done when we faced a similar situation.

I’m not sure if there is any other possible ways😊

Thank you!

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Thanks again for your help @Aswin_Bhaskar
Really appreciate it.


You’re welcome @Harshith_Kumar, Could you please mark it as a solution so that it will help others in future. TIA!

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