Git integration -> push doesn't work as expected


now we upgraded the Studio from 2018.4.3 to 2019.10.3
Now we want to use Git. We are using Bitbucket. I created there a project and an empty repository.
In UiPathStudio I did a Git Init. If I now want to do a “Push” the UiPath Studio opens a input screen which is NOT identical with the screens of the documentation!
I have to input a path for a private key file (which I don’t have and also don’t want) and also a PW. Ok the PW I have. But how can I get rid of the query for the “private key path” and use credentials?

Kind Regards

Hi @martinN!

Could you please paste here a screenshot of the screen you receive when you try to push the previously initialized git repo? You should receive the Manage Remotes window, in which you need to input the repository name and URL.

After that, the Enter Credentials prompt should be visible:

Thank you in advance!