Push problems - not write access to the repository


I am trying to make a push to the repository that I have created for my UiPath project.

But when I try to do it, Uipath gives me this message: You don’t have write access to this github repository. Please request access or change your credentials.

I have do my login using github credential, then I don’t know what kind of credentials it wants to change. I try to give the permissions into github web => repo => setting => actions. But do not know how i must type it.

UiPath seems to make commits, but these commits are not appearing into git repository. How could it be so tanggled just to connect a github repo?

Commit means the code is sent to your local instance of repository and not in the remote instance(actual git instance) of repository

to get the data in the remote repository you need to push the code.

Regarding your error, are you using GIT login credentials? That’s not the one to be used.

Visit your Git, go to your repository, click on Clone repository, there you’ll see the option to generate credentials. username will be static but the password generates everytime. Use those credentials.

Hope this helps!

Thank you @rahulsharma yes I was using GIT credentials. Checking the options that GIThub give when I push on clone repository. I do not see where is the option to create credentials.

Is there? Or there is on other button/option?

There are three ways to get it done

Try once with SSH and confirm if that works? The below link shows all three methods.

I see you mentioned you have provided the access, I just tried all three ways they are working fine for me. below is the action setting. Also, do you confirm you are the owner or a contributor to this repo?


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Thank you, it finally works. By chance I found that I need to access to the apps installed in Git GitHub Apps - UiPath and there I can give UiPAth permissions for write and reading

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