Git commit error: failed to insert entry: invalid object specified [object name]

Hello Automators,

I pulled down a project from a Git repository built by another team member, and made minor updates to the file. I’m attempting to push the file back up to the repository, but I’m getting a strange error: failed to insert entry: invalid object specified - .

The object’s name is randomly one of the objects included in the push, usually the project.json file or one of the included .xaml files. Each time I attempt the same commit, the error comes back with a new object mentioned in the message.

Has anyone seen this type of error before? Thank you!

I had my repo downloaded to one drive and one drive tempered my file object(ex project.json) as a modified object and that caused the issue thus GIT finds a mismatch of objects and throws an error.

I moved my repo to my local drive and the issue is resolved. Give it a try and let me know.


I’ve just had this issue with a local drive repo. I disconnected the repo and then reconnected and now it seems to work.