Access denied error to .content after moving project

After moving my project code (and all hidden folders) to a different folder, when trying to add to the Object Repository I am getting this error:


I had to delete the entire .objects folder, losing what I had already done, and then it recreated the .objects folder when I reopened the project and started adding to the Object Repository.

Is it a network location? If so some security policies might be active, restricting access. Please check folders and files security settings from windows explorer.

I have full access to where I moved it to, since I was able to move it to there.

Same, I’m facing this issue and I’m not really sure what the problem is.


I was able to resolve it - the .content files becomes read-only when you transfer it from one directory to another.

To edit/delete the UI Elements, you have to right - click on the .objects folderPropertiesuncheck Read Only and click Apply


I hope this helps anyone stuck at this (I was stuck at it for 3 hours hehehe)

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K