System.NullReferenceException: Object not set to an instance of an object

Something strange is happening, I am opening workflows and I have error:

There is no error what so ever, I just need to click somewhere inside of code and this will disappear, now problem is that I can not publish coded until all of this errors are removed.


This looks like the kind of error that appears when you have one or more corrupt XAML files (i.e. the data in the XAML file does something unexpected on the backend). I strongly recommend that UiPath look into having exception messages like this at least point to the XAML file causing the issue.

One thing you can try is logging all of the dependencies you’re using in your project, backing up your project.json file, and re-running Main to get a new project.json file. Then reimport your dependencies.

Yeah, try that, so there were several things with this error.

  1. Size, if project is bigger then 35Mb - Its not
  2. Too many screen shoots - all deleted
  3. updated all dependencies
  4. Robot is working fine when started from studio, but I can not publish either locally or on Orchestrator

I get this error occasionally when I click the Open Workflow in the InvokeWorkFlowFile activity. I do not get this error when I open the workflow from the Project panel.