Ghost popup on Firefox


I have a problem with Firefox : the error popup isn’t reachable with any selector, through UiExplorer or even with clics and sent hotckeys…

Here you can see the popup :

And here you can see what UiExplorer find in the window :

By clics and hotckeys, I mean I tried to clic in the popup, then press tab, then press enter, and it’s working fine when I do it for real, but to simulate this process, when I try to make UiPath clic on the popup image and then send hotckeys, it don’t find the image…

Any help will be welcome, thanks


Welcome to the uipath community.

Uipath recommended to use IE browser to automate ACME site.

Thanks for your answer Mr Iakshman.

Yes I know ACME is made to work first with IE, and I don’t have this particular issue on it. But with IE, the problem I havn’t been able to solve is to Logout.

I don’t think my selector is false since I made it from UiExplorer :

Or maybe I missed something ?

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Selector looks fine only. May i know what error are you getting here ?

Hope you are using this click Activity inside Attach Browser activity.

Well, it was the Attach Browser activity, where I changed the selector but not the browser type… :flushed:

Thanks for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.


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