Error identifying download popup in firefox (2018.2.2)


I updated recently my Studio version from 2018.1.4 to 2018.2.2. and now I can’t identify elements inside a download popup. Am I the only one with this problem?




Have you tried updating your firefox plugin.?

Rammohan B.

Hello Rammohan91,

Yes, I updated it yesterday and nothing has changed :frowning:

I would reinstall the firefox extension, it seems like the detection is not working at all.

It still not working :confused:

What FF version are you using?

61.0 (64 bits)

Hello again,

After some tests and reinstall of Firefox I finally make it work with UIA elements.

But Active Accessibility isn’t working in Firefox with UiPath and Blueprism, any idea what to do? :disappointed:

hi i think am facing similar problem with pop up in firefox in some oracle (ERP) website . the same is working in IE , what exactly you mean by Active Accessibility . ? also the same pop up in ie , uipath is able to select induvidual elements