Unable to get the UI on acme system 1 loggin screen

Hello all,
I am trying to use the click UI as below but it is impossible. It rather get the whole website.!


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Hi @Adou_Wilfried_N_guet

Is IE Explorer extension been added

Ashwin S

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Hi @AshwinS2
yes it is.

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May i know which browser it is ?

If it’s not identifying then use Computer Vision activities and check once.

Hey @Adou_Wilfried_N_guet

This is not Internet Explorer… It looks like Firefox… When using Firefox, it is not possible to read the message pop up that you have there using normal activities… Use Get image text kind of activities to read it…

If not, it would be much more easier if you use IE as your browser. It is the most supported browser for UiPath…

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@Adou_Wilfried_N_guet - Use send Hotkey to automate the pop up then remaining process will work fine.

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@lakshman I was using chrome. Thank but this option does not return any selector.

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@anmolk171 that is a brilliant suggestion. Thanks

anytime. You can close this thread.