Unable to open browser using URL stored in Config File


I am unable to open browser from URL stored in my config file. What am I doing wrong here? Please guide.

Both workflow and config file attached.

SHA1Open.xaml (5.7 KB)
Config.xlsx (19.9 KB)


Directly you passed ‘SHA1_URL’ into open browser. It should be like this in_config(“SHA1_URL”).toString or config(“SHA1_URL”).toString

And also declare one config argument of type dictionary in this workflow and pass value.


Hi @yusufht,

URL is present in the config, but you are not reading the config file to your workflow, if you had done in other workflow, please pass the config dictionary, to the workflow where you are trying to open the url.

Let us know if you doesn’t understand.

Pavan H

This will work.

Config.xlsx (21.1 KB)
SHA1Open.xaml (8.8 KB)

How to declare ‘Dictionary’ type argument?

Please check attached screenshot, Am I doing it correctly now?

How to read config file in my workflow? I am lost.


please find the attached workflow. Just pass argument to this workflow Config of type Dictionary.

SHA1Open (1).xaml (6.1 KB)

read the config as datatable using excel application scope and read range and then pass to a dictionary and from that dictionary using key you can get the value.

Pavan H

What do you mean by this? Please elaborate.

When I try to run the file you provided, it gives an error.

Thanks, works this way using excel application scope.

Just for learning sake, is there any easy way to reference URL direct from config file?


I want to know one thing. Are you using REFramework here ?

Yes, using REF


Ok. In INIT state, check one variable ‘Config’ is there of type dictionary. Create one argument io_Config of type Dictionary and mention direction as ‘In/out’ and then pass this argument to SHA1 Open workflow.

INIT State:
Config variable - OK
Argument created io_Config, type Dictionary and direction in/out - OK

io_Config argument passed.

Still not working, getting error. Screenshots attached.


In Main.xaml file, we have to create variable not argument.
Could you please send me entire process in zip format. Will change it

File Attached.

ClientSecurityHash (2).zip (517.8 KB)


please find the attached workflow. I modified arguments and all.

ClientSecurityHash.zip (514.5 KB)