Getting the error invalid string for folderPath field when using Start Job Activity

I am trying to start another process at the end of current process.
When using Start Job activity I receive an error which says:
Start Job-תהליך רובוטי מקדים: Thi field ‘folderPath’ is invalid for Classic Folder

This is a screenshot of the start job activity properties:

I have just one folder on the orchestrator which called “Default”

Please suggest me how can I fix this


Hey Avichai,

Are you able to leave this field blank? If there is only one folder anyway, it should default to the “default” folder anyhow.


Folder Path - The path of the folder where the specified process is located, if different from the folder where the process is running. This field only supports string values, with / as the separator to indicate subfolders. For example, "Finance/Accounts Payable".

The FolderPath parameter does not work for processes executed by robots in classic folders. Only robots in modern folders have the ability to pass data outside of their folder.

Relative folder paths are supported in an X-UIPATH-FolderPath-Encoded header, as follows:
Path starting with / - starts from the root folder of the tree the ambient folder is part of.
Path starting with . - starts from the ambient folder.
Path starting with .. - starts one level up in the hierarchy of the ambient folder for each .. in the path (e.g. ../ for one level up, ../../ for two levels up in the hierarchy).

Note that trailing slashes are not accepted.

Reference: Start Job


  1. Work only with Modern Folders
  2. If you are using Classic Folder, don’t fill this field. It should use by default folder where the process is running.