API Process Start Issue After Orchestrator Upgrade: Folder Path Configuration

We have upgraded our OnPremise to the latest Orchestrator version. Now, we are facing an issue with our API script “Job Start.” Before the update, this process was working fine, and we hadn’t made any changes.

Error message: “{“message”:“The robots already have pending jobs for this Process”,“errorCode”:1670,“traceId”:“00-bf8096c67bbd29f69452084c8068b686-ab302d3f4ad9ecfe-00”,“resourceIds”:null}”

We have set up the folder structure in a way that divides our processes into folders and subfolders. This process is located in the folder xyz/Unattended.

In the HTTP Request header, we have specified the path as well: X-UiPath-FolderPath: “xyz/Unattended”
When we use this path, we get the aforementioned error message with pending jobs, but no job appears in Orchestrator.

However, if I change the path to: X-UiPath-FolderPath: “Default,” the API job starts, but it starts in the Default folder. Of course, it doesn’t run there because no robots are assigned to that folder.

Am I missing a setting that needs to be configured so that the process can be started in the correct folder, or is it not possible to start processes in modern folders via the API, and I should start the API processes in the Default folder?

Just for your information, as mentioned, the process is working and configured correctly. There seems to be an issue somewhere with the execution of the process.


check if there are any pending jobs for the same process and robot in the folder “xyz/Unattended.” If there are, try to clear or cancel these pending jobs.

When sending the API request to start a job, ensure that the X-UiPath-FolderPath header is set correctly to “xyz/Unattended.” This is important to specify the folder where the job should be executed.

However, you need to make sure that the robots that are assigned to the folder have the appropriate permissions and that there is a robot assigned to the folder.

Hope this helps

Cheers @Crusha

In the folder, unfortunately, no started processes are being displayed, and there is nothing appearing in the logs. Also, the correct path, ID, and so on are configured correctly. I have extracted and cross-checked this multiple times from the Orchestrator.

For the process launched via the API, I have assigned a specific user. This dedicated user only starts this particular process. As previously mentioned, we migrated this user and the associated process exactly as they were configured previously.

You provided two details about the folder in Headers. This is incorrect.

Provide only the X-UiPath-FolderPath-Encoded

For more details check https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/standalone/2023.4/api-guide/building-api-requests