Getting specific data from pdf

How can i get specific data from pdf using UIPath??


If the PDF is in read able text format, you can use Read PDF text activity which will return a string value as an output.

Using string value you can use REGEX or other string methods like substring,indexof… to get value as per your requirements.

I am having one Xaml , if your requirement is matching or similar ,please inform

Tried to explain arguments with example .

  1. argInputString - Name : XYZ Contact :111111

  2. If you give argFirstString - Name :

  3. And argSecondString - Contact

  4. hasMultipleString - If Multiple string you want , put it true , else False.

  5. You will get argOutputString - XYZ

Just Check and confirm.

i have to get member detail and invoice amount, please upload your xaml , i will change accordingly…

  1. Use Read pdf Text activity to read pdf.
  2. Pass all the argument in the xaml as explained in the above reply , u will get the desired result.
    GetText.xaml (9.1 KB)
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Thanks bro

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