Unable to get accurate data with Get Text

Hello Guys,

I am having issues with extracting accurate data from PDF, I read couple posts on this but didn’t find it helpful.

mind you I don’t have the file downloaded into my system it comes as a pop and from there I extract the invoice and paste it back to excel.

I used google OCR thinking the PDF is an image but I can highlight word by word so then I changed to Get text still I am not able to get the right invoice amount its changing.

please help me find the solution.


Try using the “Read PDF Text” activity on UiPath and then use string operations to get the data you need

“Read PDF Text” requires file location which I don’t have as PDFs are not downloaded. I get them as popup after clicking open from the application.

maybe you can save the pdf to disk and then read it with read pdf text

unfortunately that’s not an option for me as I want robot to run thru 100’s of invoices which I cant afford to save in my system due to space constraint.

you could delete every mail after you’re done with it

@SriRana Try Get Text method or Get full Text method afterwards try string manipulation to get required output

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can you explain me more about string manipulation, I am new at this and confused on how to use it.

@SriRana String Manupulation depends on how input is and what output ur expecting, so it changes from requirement to requirement.

Basically after you get the strings from the pdf you can work them with substring, compare, contains, length, etc.