@retrieving values from pdf

Hi team,
I need to get the following values from the pdfs attached.
there are 2 pdfs in different format, so I’m not able to use Start index and End index.
I have searched forum as well, din not find any related solution.

The values to be fetched are “invoice no”,“vendor taxid”,“date”,“currency”,“item description”,“untaxed amount”,“tax amount”,“total amount”.

Experts, looking forward for your help.:slight_smile:

Thanks in advance. Invoice-325073.pdf (8.4 KB)
Invoice-592124.pdf (28.5 KB)

Hi @akhila.a,

In you particular scenario I would suggest you to use Regex functions in order to help you gathering the information needed from different PDF layouts. Basically, you are going have to do the following steps:

  1. Read PDF Text activity to convert your PDF file to a string variable
  2. Matches activity to get the information needed from that string variable

For example, to get invoice id you could use the following Regex pattern:



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thank you so much for the reply…
yes I’m using Read PDF activity.
can some one attach a workflow for the same, I tried but did not get the solution.

thanks in advance.