Getting SHA1 Hash


I’m working on the Academy 2.0 assignments, and I can’t seem to figure out how to get the SHA1 hash from . I try to do a “Get Text” activity and it is giving me a SelectorNotFoundError for the <webctrl id='result-sha1' tag='SPAN' /> which should yield the hash itself. At first, I thought it was an issue with the AJAX request, but even when I try an “Element Exists” it still fails. I can’t see anything with the selector that would cause this failure, is there something I’m missing?


@LogoSys use full selector it will work


Hi @LogoSys,

The selector is correct.

Make sure you used Attach browser or Open Browser inside you used the Get Text activity.

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:



Use UIExplorer to get the full selector and then paste it in the Get text activity.



use attach browser outside Get Text