Level 3 Assignment 1 - GetHashCode GetFullText error

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I need assistance with Assignment 1. I am constantly getting an error with the GetFullText to extract the hash code:


I’ve even added a delay after the Click activity but that doesn’t help. The other thing I noticed is that the platform doesn’t work 10/10 times. At times when I run I get an error on the System 1 Login activity, then the error goes away when I restart the execution (I am not sure what I am doing wrong).

Please help, I need to finish this certification before the end of the year.

Thank you.

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Hi @Mzwandile_Jojisa

Use Get Text Activity

Kommi Jeevan.

Thank you Kommijeevan for your prompt response. I will try this and let you know…

Hi Kommi

I am now using Get Text Activity but still experiencing the same issue:

Here is the selector:

Use this activity inside attach browser .


Check this below link,

remove id and try.

Thanks Kommi. I have removed the ID and this doesn’t help.

N.B.: This is inside an attach browser:

The other strange thing I am noticing is that the value of the text to hash is wrong. Instead of ClientID-ClientName-ClientCountry, this is the value that is getting hashed: nd below your work items. They need to be completed in the order specified by your manager.- below your work items. They need to be completed in the order specified by your manager.-low your work items. They need to be completed in the order specified by your manager.

Please see below, the parameters I am sending to the Invoke GetHashCode Activity:

Hi @Mzwandile_Jojisa,

Try you can like this
In the get text activity open Ui Explorer select aaname attribute and pass the wildcard ‘*’


Hi @Navyavara

Thank you for your response. I have tried your suggestion but I am getting the same behavior:

I think there is something horribly wrong with my solution, because I am not even getting the “ClientID-CleintName-ClientCountry” string as a value for the input argument.

Check with this selector,
"webctrl tag=‘SPAN’ parentid=‘sha1-title’ innertext=‘*’ /> "

Thanks @Manish540

I’ve used your selector and it doesn’t seem to resolve the issue:

Just put some delay


please remove this from here, we cant do the assignments for the students.

Hi @bcorrea

I am sorry if you got an impression that I am asking for a solution (I am not). The reason why I am here is because the platform doesn’t seem to be stable. At one stage it ran from start to finish without any errors. When I was ready to submit it, I ran it once again and encountered tons and tons of errors that were not there before (having not changed the code).

Is there another forum to address such issues?

i didnt say that directly to you, you have all the right to ask for help, my reply was to Navyavara because we cant give the files here…


DI’d you seen in my workflow. I sent only use get text activity in my workflow to retrives the hash code only by changing selector. I am not directly send the total solution.I am trying to explain passing wildcards in a selector.

Hello @Mzwandile_Jojisa

Shall we try a different approach just to see whether it works…
All this time you tried to extract only the hash code. Just a slight different approach I’m suggesting here…

Use the get text activity and try to capture the entire element including the label in front of the hashcode which says “for shal1:”. So you will capture this part and the hashcode. The full line. If that works out you can split the string later to get the hashcode…

Just give it a try and see whether it works… make sure to include this inside a attach browser activity to be more sure of what we do… :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi guys,

Thank you for your input and assistance. I have managed to resolve this issue and have passed Assignment 1 :slight_smile: There were a few issues with my workflow that caused all this havoc: input arguments not initialized, incorrect order of activities. Your responses prompted me to review the entire workflow (which was a painful process) and that’s where I picked up the discrepancies. As soon as I corrected these, my workflow ran from start to finish without any glitches and submitted the assignment.

A big thank you to everyone that took time off their busy schedule to assist me!

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Awesome!! Great work!!! :slight_smile:

And happy to help always!!

Merry Christmas to you and a happy new year!! :smiley:

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