Access mail using imap

i tried to access inbox but its returning me promotion mail ,i need to access inbox primary mails in gmail , In host mail folder how i need to specify to have an access only to gmail inbox primary mails
Thanks in Advance

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Hi @vivek_k
Did you enable your IMAP in your setting?

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Hi, ya ya i can able to access mail when i tried to get first mail from in box it returned me a mail from promotion of inbox folder we have three folder like promotion social and primary in inbox
in that i need to get mail from primary

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Hi there
Could you share you workflow.

Read_Mail.xaml (7.0 KB)

this the workflow @Kuenzang

Hi @vivek_k
Here in Your get IMAP Activity you have have made a mistake in MailFolder, where you have given “primary”, you need to give the folder name like “Inbox, Draft, Sent, or other folders you have created”. Rests are working. Read_Mail.xaml (6.9 KB)

first i gave inbox only but it returned me promotion mail of inbox but i need primary mail of inbox so i tired giving primary its not working is thr any way to get only primary mail of inbox folder @Kuenzang

Did you enable this, IMAP access in your gmail setting.

ya its enabled only
in that pic for inbox folder we have promotion social and promotion tabs last mail came which in inbox social if i try to get mail it return me the mail from social tab instead i need to get the last mail of primary tab @Kuenzang @sreenivasm @nadim.warsi

Hello so did you you get this to work? I only want to get access to Primary mails from Gmail too, not Social or Promotions mails. However, in the “Get IMAP Mail Messages” activity I can only specfiy the “Inbox” folder.