Cannot retrieve email from IMAP subfolder

Hi guys, I have a problem similar to the one reported in the thread Get Emails from Subfolder IMAP - #9 by zspilman.

I am trying to retrieve mails from a sub-folder using the activity “Get IMAP mail messages”, but I am not able to find a proper way to specify the correct path of the folder… I get always “The requested folder cannot be found”.

Using a Thunderbird client I can see the “INBOX” folder and the subfolder “Pippo” with this :


I’ve tried to configure the subfolder name with


but nothing seems to work properly :frowning_face:

I have also the same problem with the “Move IMAP mail message”.

I’ve also cheched the mail configuration in order to verify there are no restriction on the subfolder (anyway the Thunderbird client works properly).

Any hints?

PS: using only “INBOX” I am able to correctly retrieve emails from the inbox folder…

Hello @fabrizio.lorenzini

Welcome to UiPath community…!



Thank you Rahul, but I am not using an Office 365 account.
Our mail provider (Aruba) offers only the IMAP and POP3 service, and I don’t want to use the last one.

Also, as I stated in the thread I’ve already used the “Folder/subfolder” (and several others…).

Solved: after several attempts I got the correct one!
I am able to point to the folder using “INBOX.subfolder”…
…I think this is a strange behaviour of our mail provider (Aruba), not UiPath related.

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