Get Text Activity Error

As per the highlighted one will Get Text activity accepts only of type String or can we change to different datatypes?

Hi @Inchara_B_A

It will retrieve the text always a string variable


But in course where I’m watching the instructor easy changing the type of variable and there are no errors for him. How?

@Inchara_B_A I think so you are confused in between “get attribute” and “get text”

Hi @Inchara_B_A

While using the Get Text activity the output datatype is String. We can’t change the datatype of it.

Hope it helps!!

Pls listen to this record …
But i understand everybody says we can’t change the type of variable in get text activity.

Thank you all for the solution

@Inchara_B_A it can be custom package where he is using get text with variable option.

Thank you for the solution :slightly_smiling_face:
And now I got it…

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