Getting Error Selector not found when try to save a notepad

DesktopAutomationExCopyExcelCell.xaml (28.7 KB)

Hi Team,

I am able to open the excel, read the cell data and able to paste the copied data to notepad. But after this i am just trying to close notepad , at that time we will get default option save, don’t save and Cancel. So I am just trying to click on the save button. But i am getting selector not found issue. I have tried to unselect some selectors, attach live element like that i have tried options. But no use. Can any one please guide where it is going wrong .
I have attached the sample file here for reference.
Thanks for support and suggesstions

Hi Nagaraj,

Instead of clicking on save button, you can save your file by pressing enter using send hot key activity.
The flow will not reach till click save button unless the application is closed by close application activity. Since a pop-up will appear for confirmation, the flow will be stuck on close application activity. If you close the application by send hot key ALT+F4, then you will be able to click on save button.

Thanks for the suggestion bro. it worked. But in my approach we are not able to do it since additional pop up window is coming. So we cannot handle this or is there any way to do the same as showed in my program can you please suggest.

Thanks for the help…