Getting error on Azure Orchestrator URL home page - An unknown error has occurred. (#200)

we upgraded our database on test setup (App Running on VM and DB running on Azure SQL Server) and then copied that upgraded database to new prod setup (here everything running as PaaS on Azure). When I am trying to browse Orchestrator URL then I am getting error - “An unknown error has occurred. (#200)”. In URL it show - errorCode=unauthorized_client.


Are we missing something?

More details:

We have upgraded DB from 2019 to 2020 version and It included something related to identity data. Identity Data on App Setting and Web config looks like different in both setup and we moved database from one setup to another. That is why we are facing issues.

Now what I am looking for: Steps to Move database (on version 20.10.7) from one setup to another which can handle Identity data in those steps.

Hi @prince.rastogi,
Please contact our Technical Support that is dedicated to the Enterprise customers. It is really hard to figure out what might cause an issue where we don’t have a possibility to check your environment.

I happened to revisit this issue today and found that the identity.ClientRedirectUris table in the database needs to have the correct Redirect Uris referenced to the Orchestrator Client ID.

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