Bulk Add Queue Items not working when some are duplicate in unique reference queue

I have a process where I am extracting a list of reports to a datatable and then bulk adding them to an Orchestrator queue, which I have set to unique reference. The reports don’t come out all at once, so I am having the process repeat every few hours until it realizes they all have been loaded to the queue, then it stops. So for example, maybe 5 are available and added the first time the process runs, then the next time, there may be 10 available (which would include the original 5), so my hope is that the new 5 would then be added to queue and the 5 already in there would be skipped due to the unique reference. I’ve tested this process, where the original 5 are loaded to the queue and then I run it again with all 10 in the datatable and when it finishes, the original 5 are still the only items in the queue – the new items are not in there. Will bulk upload not work when some of the items in the datatable have the same reference as ones already in the queue?

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Set CommitType to ProcessAllIndependtely and then check once.

Hey @LaHood_AM

Just choose Process All Independently option in the Bulk Add Queue Items activity which will help you resolve the issue.

The above option will help you upload queue items independently irrespective of being error in other items.


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