Getting error in Document Understanding

Hi All, I’m getting an error in Document Understanding. When i try to Run that XAML individually it is working fine. If i attach that flow to my main code it is throwing error. I’m attaching error screenshot below. Can anyone guide me how to solve this issue.

Hi @ranaprathap928

Refer to the thread below!


@pravin_calvin i checked and tried those steps it is not working for me

Hi @ranaprathap928,

Please check the main workflow in which you are attaching your code contains all the dependencies required and post attaching the code open it once to check is not giving any error for invalid/missing activity.


Hi @Shikhar_Tandon Main flow and sub flows everything is working fine it is not giving any error or dependency issue, My document understanding flow will come in last. Entire code is working completely only this document understanding is giving error, this error coming only when i attach this document understanding flow combines to my main flow. If i run individually it is working fine.


Could you please show us the properties of Digitize Document Activity!




Could you please update the packages to latest version


In this update we have an option called ApplyOcrOnPdf-Yes


Could you please let us know what is item. which contains the files right. from where you’re getting this files?


@THIRU_NANI when i update packages document understanding is not working. Even if i run only that flow also it’s getting error, some activities are going unavailable

@THIRU_NANI I’m taking filepath from argument and I’m using it for PDF