Error while using Create Document Validation

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I get this error:


when i am trying to use “Create Document Validation Action”. Any help with be highly appreciated.

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Hi @fahim_hashmi

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As per error it says you are trying to access a wrong datatype. Can you please show what you are trying and what values are you passing. It would great if you can attach a sample xaml here


Pls see the screenshot below.


Everything is working fine in the Document Understanding steps. However, when I add this “Create Document Validation Action” i get the error.


In order for us to be able to reproduce the issue, can you please share with us some logs or the workflow? Hard to tell judging just by the screenshots.

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taxonomy.json (15.6 KB)
DU-BulkSpec.xaml (73.3 KB)

I have attached the workflow and taxonomy file. Pls help.

Hello Fahim :wave:

Apologies for replying a bit late. I hope you enjoyed your holidays. :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking over the workflow that you sent but so far I’m unable to reproduce the issue and noticed that some settings are missing. Could I please ask you to try your use case with our Document Understanding Process template? It’s out of the box and just need a few steps to get it started and follows best practices. Let us know how it goes.

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document understanding: Could not obtain access token. (invalid_grant)

@Revanth_Eswar1 unfortunately, this is a current issue of ours - it’s currently in progress with our engineering team & hopefully we’ll have a fix for it soon!

HI Monica thank you for your concern, may I know that weather this issue occurs in both community and Enterprise versions or only on community version. IS there is any other way to use action center with document understanding for validation purpose through publishing the process?

@Revanth_Eswar1 unfortunately it affects all organizations, but we’re expecting a fix very soon (hopefully the following days), as it’s currently being fixed!