Getting error "Action not support" while clicking on "Save As" in Excel File

Hi All,

I am trying to click print button and choose “Fit all columns in one page”. once this step complete. Than try to click on “Save As” button in Excel file but it is giving error like ------“Click ‘List Item Save As’: Action not supported by this type of element. Please use another type of click.”

How to handle this??

Hi @shuklarchana001

Can you try using “Click Image” activity.


you can pass “Hot keys” to Click on Save As

Hope it helps.


hi @suraj.setty

thank you for reply. Actually hotkey is not working when Print page is open

Hi @shuklarchana001

Can you try using “Click Image” activity.

Yes, you right. Click image is working.

Thank you @suraj.setty

Great ,Glad that worked.

Happy automation. Cheers @shuklarchana001

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