Getting data first time in Array but not next time

I am passing Column A data in the form of Array and getting Column B and Column D data as Output, but I am getting data only first time not second time i.e. if I am passing {“23/10”,“23/11”} in array so I am getting result for 23/10 ( Result is 05/01/23 and 05/14/23 ) but for 23/11 getting null value.

Any expert, please?

Calender.xlsx (13.2 KB)
Get Date.xaml (10.7 KB)

Also let me know if there is any other way to get result.

Basically I Need to Capture data against row value in Excel using Linq or any other method
Like in your given example I need to fetch
for 23/01 need 12/26/22 and 01/08/23
for 23/02 need 01/09/23 and 01/22/23
for 23/03 need 01/23/23 and 02/05/23
i.e. from and To value

we would recommend to debug and inspect the datatable value details within one of the immediate panels

What visually is present in Excel is not mandatory the same within the datatable and maybe this value is interpreted while reading range to a date in the format e.g. MM/DD/YYYY

For the analysis steps also have a look here (first parts, related to the analysis)

i tried all but not working, Please help

what was tried, please show us screenshots from immediate panel

issue resolved. Actually there was issue in Calendar Excel Data. I tried using Trim(CurrentItem) and it solve the problem. Thanks All

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