Getting an error with a delay activity

Hello, I’m running into an error on a delay activity which doesn’t make much sense. I can send the project if needed. Does anyone know why this could be happening?

Hi @timathy.backer.ext

Its weird

From the screenshot, the erro message is related to a click activity. Could you disable the Delay activity and try again for troubleshooting purpose ?

Do you have a breakpoint on the delay activity? It appears that’s why it’s stopping there as you are in Debug mode. The error message indicates the exception is coming from a Click activity.


There seems to be some issue in the project or the xaml as in the properties it is showing as ui activity but in current property the name of delay is show as click default…try to remove the activity and re add it …or create a new xaml and copy the activity except delay to the new one and add a new delay activity there and try