Activity "Delay": Error message System.__ComObject

I am facing an error message for the delay activity. Since we use the german orchestrator I can only display it as such. When I delete all delays in the process no error occurs. Only one of our processes is affected.



@PeCour what Studio and UIAutomation versions are u using? Can u share an excerpt of the workflow? Thanks

@gheorghestan Thanks! I can’t find a solution :see_no_evil:
Studio: 2021.4.3
UiPath.System.Activities: 21.4.1
Robot: 21.4.3

It doesn’t matter at which place I set the delay activity. It never works in the orchestrator. In studio it works. For other processes it works unattended as well.

Please make sure Delay is not used in persistence workflows. Make sure you don’t have Supports Persistence enabled.

If you must have the Persistence enabled the delay must be placed inside No Persist Scope that is available starting with Studio 21.6

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@alexandru thank you! That’s it.

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