Getting an error while clicking on the next button

Hi all

while clicking on next getting error

have used click activity its not working

HI @sandeshdeshpande726

Can you share the selector in the Ui explorer?

Have you tried with Click Image activity?


Hello @sandeshdeshpande726,

The selector you are using to click the Next button is too vague, the automation is finding multiple elements that match the criteria.

Open the Ui Explorer on the errored activity and play with the selectors to mke sure that the next button is the only thing that can work e.g. InnerText or AAName as “Next” or something.



yes tried image and send hotkey also
its saying ui element is changing

Hi @sandeshdeshpande726

Try to indicate the anchor and also If possible can you show us the selectors you are using


Hi @sandeshdeshpande726

Can you share us the Webpage Screenshot


Hello @sandeshdeshpande726

From the error itself it’s clear, that you have multiple similar elements in the application? It would be better if you can share the screenshot of the application. Also, if you are using the modern click activity, it will get the auto tag to an anchor. That will help to solve your issue.