Getting an error in Swagger API while executing Test Data Queues Query ("message": "testDataQueue must not be null",)

While executing Test Data Queue Query in Swagger as below:

returns error:

Code Details

Error: Bad Request

Response body

“message”: “testDataQueue must not be null”,
“errorCode”: 0,
“resourceIds”: null

Response / Guidance are appreciated.

Which is the Method and endpoint that you are using?

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using POST Method:

Try to see if this body is working for you:

{"Name":"Test_Data_Queue_2","Description":null,"ContentJsonSchema":"{\r\n  \"Name\": \"string\",\r\n  \"Description\": \"string\",\r\n  \"ContentJsonSchema\": \"string\",\r\n  \"ItemsCount\": 0,\r\n  \"ConsumedItemsCount\": 0,\r\n  \"IsDeleted\": true,\r\n  \"DeleterUserId\": 0,\r\n  \"DeletionTime\": \"2022-09-28T17:58:07.639Z\",\r\n  \"LastModificationTime\": \"2022-09-28T17:58:07.639Z\",\r\n  \"LastModifierUserId\": 0,\r\n  \"CreationTime\": \"2022-09-28T17:58:07.639Z\",\r\n  \"CreatorUserId\": 0,\r\n  \"Id\": 0\r\n}"}




It’s working thanks. just need to convert JSON into string.
you are too good bro.

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