Add Queue through API errror

Hi All,

I am trying to add transactions in to Queue with Postman, but we are getting the below error.

“message”: “An error has occurred.”,
“errorCode”: 0,
“resourceIds”: null

PFB the details :
End Point used :
Body :
“itemData”: {
“Name”: “Auto_As_A_Service”",
“Priority”: “Normal”,
“SpecificContent”: {
“First”: “Some String Value Here”,
“First@odata.type”: “#String”,
“Second”: 516,
“Fourth”: “Did I skip the Third value?”,
“AnotherKey”: true

Headers : Authorization: Bearer “Token”

I still get the error, please help me out on this one. If this works then we are planning to implement the same using python.

Hi @vinodcrimson try once check in swagger.

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@kalyanDev - I have even tried it i get the same error. Authentication works fine, but only this method / api does not work

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For end point why you have added the these () in the last

@kalyanDev - I got that from the documentation, but now i tried without that too. Still no help.

swagger/ui/index#!/Queues/Queues_BulkAddQueueItems) [/odata/Queues/UiPathODataSvc.BulkAddQueueItems did you tried this.

@kalyanDev - This Endpoint gives me 200 OK Status code but the transanctions are not added to the Queues in Orchestrator. PFB the response message.


UiPath Orchestrator

Please let me know if anything can be done.


Orchestrator, Studio ( version : 2018.2.3)

What is the response you got?

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did you got same in swagger if yes then check once with support team. and you are getting 200 ok status but items are not adding right?


The base API Call works using Cloud Orchestrator 2019.10 (My current version @ It is certainly without the “()”.

I took your body, and changed the Name property to the name of a test queue I maintain. Put it into Postman, and it worked.

I do not know if there was a bug in Orchestrator 2018.2.3, but the API request absolutely works in 2019.10.

– Michael

@mjdeale - could you please let me know what have you used in headers?

Because it works fine when I try from swagger. So I don’t think we have a problem in API.

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it works fine when I try from swagger. So I don’t think we have a problem in API

Attached are my headers from Postman, though, remember I am using the 2019.10 Cloud Orchestrator. that means i have the latest version of the REST API and Orchestrator. If you are on 2018.2 (Like I think you are), your headers probably won’t include the FolderPath or the TenantName, but might include the OU.

– M

Hi Michael,

I have the same issue with empty data out of API calls. In Postman - fine; Authorization works; API call actually works (200 OK); the same 4 headers, but still no data out of GET/POST requests (excl. POST Authorization request that works).

Have you found a solution?



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Hi @mjdeale @vinodcrimson

I m also facing a similar issue, but in my issue is explained better in this post:

if any one of you got any solution to this type of problem your help is highly appreciated.

Anil Kumar


Replied to you on the other thread. I think you are missing the X-UIPATH-DefaultFolder header.

Example headers in Postman are in an image in an earlier post on this thread.


Thanks a lot for your reply but i guess, its something to do with the Authentication and cloud servers.
Yes i added all the details.


HI Anil/Vinod / All
Can you please share the code which works to add items to Queue using API

I am currently working on this scenario where i need to update the queue items using API

Please help me in this regards