GetCredential returning a modified password


I would like to report a possible issue.
Currently I have a robot that gets several credentials (for different users) from Orchestrator assets. Up until today everything was ok. Today for some reason one of the credentials stopped working (when logging into the application wrong username/password error was shown).

The password in question was as follows: 3wbPpjT28x2PsKR!\ebS
I suspected it had to do with the actual password so to test it, I changed the password in the application to a different one and it’s ok now.

I believe it might have to do with the backslash character but feel free to test it.

Studio version: 2019.6.0 Community Edition
Windows version: 10
Browsers tested: IE, Opera and Chrome

Best Regards,

Try creating a credential again with that exact password. Paste it into notepad and see if it is altered then report back

Hi @Dave,

I just ran a Process with your suggestion and it seems that the password is fine.
The password written in the notepad is exactly the same as the one defined.

The issue can’t be in the destination application because I tested manual login vs UiPath login and manual worked, the UiPath didn’t.


Kindly check the credential manager in your machine and remove if it store there.

Hello @Jyotika_Halai,

The credentials are only defined in the Orchestrator assets.