Activity "Get Visible Text ",get blank result

Dear Friends

I try to use activity "Get Visible Text ", to get device info , but failed, the result is blank. could you kindly help on this, thanks!


Have you tried with Screen scrapping method? @liyang51999


Can you try GetFullText activity instead of GetVisibleText?


yes, screen scrap works very well, I wonder why can not work by activity Get Visible Text :sweat_smile:, maybe I did not set something correctly?

Then you can go ahead with scrapping.

May bee if the text is not visible on the screen. You can try with Full text in the screen scrapping



ScreenScraping- Fulltext mode is GetFullText activity

ScreenScraping - Native mode is GetVisibleText activity

If you try Native mode, the result will be as the following , and this means the target element isn’t supported by Native Mode(GetVisibleText)


Yes, the “get full text” activity work very well. not sure why “Get Visible Text” not work


Try with the below activities

- Under Modern you are able to see application click on it

- Use Application \Browser in that scope use get text in modern activities

Try it will work


thank you very much

thank you !

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