How to copy cells from excel to web browser then select a text from the web page to an other column in the same excel file?

Hello everybody I just hit a wall. I am new to uipath, i was able to automate a few things so far but I am having reel trouble with my latest project, any help would be appreciated.
I have to select from a colomn in an excel sheet every cell, and for each cell copy it and past it on a web browser.
Then from that page click on a link if a word is found, and extract a string from that following link.
So far I can’t event get uipath to copy the cells and past them into the browser.
I have read several topics on the subject still not closer to solving my problem.
Could you guys help me please?
Thanks a lot in advance for any help you might provide.
Happy new year

Hi, Happy new year.

Maybe you can try to read the cell and assign the value to String variable, then open browser and paste the value into it.

yes thanks, but how can i do it for each cell, and also extract text from a web broser after that? thanks a lot for your help

Sorry for reply late.
Read each cell and put value in String or List<String>, after that do iteration process to get value from these collections.