From website to excel write range

Hi, i wanna get text from website and write it to excel range. im new with this program. what sould i do


  1. Open Browser
  2. Get Text
  3. Excel Application Scope
    • Write Cell (for the extracted text) mention range (“A1”)

Hi @Emre_Kaya ,
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Have a lot of way to get text from website to paste to excel
you can use getText activity and write cell to excel

But you can share your photo a bout input and expect result to clear your requirement

My way


Use get text activity inside use browser/application
Use the write cell activity to write it into excel sheet


Hi @Emre_Kaya

If you want to write the extracted value to the specified cell in the excel. You can use the Write cell workbook activity to write the data to the cell.

If you are using the excel activities use the Write cell activity.

You can specify the range of the excel in the range field in the activity.

Hope it helps!!

i want to write more than one text to excel with in order. i have a specific number for a job. when i enter a different number, the text that i want to copy to excel is changing. so what i want to do is creating a system that copies the texts in order. to excel. it will write it to one cell then after write the next text to next cell. like it write to a1. next a2. next a3.


use the autoincrement row option it will write your texts in different rows a1,a2,a3 and so on

check out the xaml
Sequence4.xaml (15.2 KB)


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in my program i dont haev use excel file. and i have write cell but there is no aouto increment row button


Manage packages and install UiPath.excel activities
You will get install button


thank you all i made it!

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