Get value from table in a website

Hi, is there away i could get a value from a table on website?

The situation is, the website will have a table. and in one of the column, it will contain a PDF file (can be downloaded).

Is there a way could extract just the PDF file either as PDF or as hyperlink.

HI @n.syifaa

Have you tried Data Scrapping?


Hi @n.syifaa and welcome to the UiPath Community!

The Table Extraction Wizard should be helpful for you in this scenario. This is the official documentation, with great visualisations:

In the Wizard you should automatically see the option to extract the “Url” or the Text/Name of the PDF Document.

(Please note: This function was previously named ‘Data Scraping’, but you’re most-likely finding ‘Table Extraction’ in your Studio version, I reckon.)

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thanks a lot for this!! it helped me greatly

yes, i can see “Table Extraction” in my version. anyway, this helped me kick started my task :slight_smile: thanks so much

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