Extract tables from pdf which varies in all pdfs

1386522852.pdf (278.4 KB)
1386522853.pdf (24.1 KB)
1386522854.pdf (30.7 KB)
1386522859.pdf (103.7 KB)

i want to extract the highlighted tables from all the tables and DU is not working how to do it??

HI @Prem_Kumar_S

Look into the document

Try with Table Extraction


Hi @Prem_Kumar_S

If you have AI Bots available you can go with the Combination of AI Center and DU.

Please find the link below. For better understanding please go through the series of videos in

UiPath AI Fabric Tutorials

How to use AI Center in UiPath ? Complete demonstration with example | UiPath | AI Center

Documentation on AI Center

About AI Center (uipath.com)

Please use Data Manager for labelling of Invoice fields and for creating the dataset.

Please find the link below.

Complete Tutorial On Creating Data Labels in UiPath AI Center