Get Transaction OUTPUT

HI guys,
After “set transaction status” I put some info into OUTPUT and then postpone the transaction.
The next time while processing it I need to get this info from OUTPUT.
How can I do it?
I tried to search values of transaction in DEBUG but didnt manage to appropriate field.

Hi @Slavich1,

While writing data to the output panel, can you try to keep a copy of that in a variable?

If so, you can store data in the dictionary by giving the Key as “trans1” and value as “Output”. Similarly, you can add as many values as you need.

Let me know if this logic suits your requirement. I will elaborate and give you more details about it…

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Hi @Slavich1 did u mean the output property panel in set transactional progress?

and u need to get the output from the given transaction item

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Hi @Slavich1
You can check this link for referring of how to get output data

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Hi, @kantheshm
Thanks for the solution, but it doesn’t fit me. I have a multiple robots deployment. So one robots executes a part of process and puts it custom status to OUTPUT DATA of the transactions and postpones the transactions. After that another robot should run this transactions according to that custom status.

Hi @Slavich1,

Your scenario seems to be interesting.

You can do one thing, you can create an asset in orchestrator in the name as test & datatype as text.[Store some dummy value in it]

When robot 1 runs a workflow, the output status while printing in the output panel let it write to the asset by using set asset activity. Later you can ask your 2nd bot to use tat value from the orchestrator and complete the flow…

I think, it helps!!

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Thanks a lot @NIVED_NAMBIAR, your link was very helpful to find the solution.

So I find out that it is impossible to get the OUTPUT when doing “get transaction item” , but it whenever we I do “get transaction items”, then I am able to access OUTPUT for each member of collection of queueItems.
Thanks for input guys.

In that case I need to create asset for every transaction. So its gonna be a bit rude workaround.

If you have one transaction, tat work around help you. Since you have multiple transaction. Wat you can do is, you combine my 2 solution suggested.

add the transaction name and output in dictionary, push the complete value to asset to orchestrator. Later you can read asset convert it to dictionary and use in 2nd bot.

This the workaround i thought!!

SInce we already have tat approach using “Get transaction items”. we can go ahead with that…

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I am not getting the workflow or “Get transaction Items”!!

Can you please post the workflow here!!

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Sorry, Get Queue Items

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