Get OutputData from Queue Item



It is good to have a get Output Data from Queue Item for reporting.


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GetQueueItems will return an object that expose the Output property.


Hi @badita, the GetQueueItems referring to Orchestrator API or Activity in studio?


It is an activity in Studio. It returns a collection of queue items, however the Output property is not exposed.


Ya, Queue items in the studio cant access those Output property currently :tired_face:


Hey @quihan and @badita, can we update the value in any queue item present in the orchestrator? Is there any activity?


Has this feature been implemented? I cannot find the returnable object for the Output. I am able to access the SpecificContent, but am unable to find the feature to access the Output Data Object.


Hi @JMP, the current limitation is that we can’t access the output data directly from Queue item variable. The workaround will be by using Orchestrator API to get your queue items and access the output data.

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Thanks for this. The documentation is slightly vague and I haven’t delved into Orchestrator API yet. Is there a way to get a specific item from a queue based on the Reference and the Queue Name? If so, what would that API request look like?


Hi @JMP, I agree with that. You could do it by using filter. Try looking at the OData Documentation to understand more about filters

Based on your case, you could use filter like QueueDefinationId eq ‘{ID}’ and Reference eq ‘{Ref}’ *Replace {ID} with your desired Queue ID and Ref with your content.

In calling Get Queue Items API, you can’t use Queue names directly as a filter instead you have to use Queue ID. In order to get the Queue ID, you have to use Get Queue Definitions API.!/QueueDefinitions/QueueDefinitions_GetQueueDefinitions

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It will be out in 18.3. So very soon.
Otherwise, yes, odata can be used?


Good to know :slight_smile: Cheers @badita

  • Our “Dipatcher/Worker” robots set a flag in “OutputData” with “SetTransactionStatus” activity Output. We are implementing a Statistics robot, which gets the all the elements from a queue and writes statistics based on that flag. It would be so nice to get OutputData in the GetQueueItems ouput as well.