Set Transaction Status's Output Collection - How to save or display the values in the Key

Is the Set Transaction Status’s Output Collection value stored in the variable that I created in my process called “TheTransItem” as shown in the following screen shots? And if so how can I save or display it? As you can see in one of the final screen shots the Key can its value is displayed when in Orchestrator when I view details.


I am using the Set Transaction Status, following Add Transaction Item, both were successful. I created a variable called “TheTransItem” for the field TransactionItem.

For the “Set Transaction Status”, I created a Collection argument called “CustomerService” with a value “Created”.

Then I used a Message Box to display the value of the key “FirstName” in the “TheTransItem”. All executed perfectly and the Output Collection was displayed in Orchestrator when I viewed the details.

I tried to display in a Message Box the TheTransItem.Ouput(“CustomerStatus”).ToString but received an error.

Here is a copy of the log file and I could not identify the issue.

Hi @MaryB2019

What is transitem it’s type is queue item?


Yes, it is. Here is a pic of the Variable


I should mention I am pretty new to RPA, which is why I am so confused by this Collection in Set Transaction Status and I haven’t found many examples of its use

Hi @MaryB2019

Mary after that You need to use add transaction item activity
and check the item of the queue exists

Ashwin S

The screen shot I just sent of the variable was the correct variable, but the process flow was for a different lesson. Sorry about the confusion. However, the screen shots I sent yesterday at the front of the question are the correct ones.

In those I have a Add Transaction Item, followed by Set Transaction Status and 2 Message Boxes. The first Message Box displays the variable “TheTransItem.SpecificContent(“FirstName”),ToString” which has no problem, so the transaction is still in the queue. Or am I wrong? And when I view the details in Orchestrator I can see the Output value from the Set Transaction Status’s Collection as you can see in the next screen shot, called “CustomerStatus”

What I am confused about is where is that Collection data stored? I thought it could be accessed by "TheTransItem.Output(“CustomerStatus”).ToString.

Hi @MaryB2019
Check this


Ashwin, I’m afraid I am not fully understanding this topic yet, which I am just learning. I did however using Orchestrator I exported the transactions in my Queue and was able to see the Output Collection values that I mentioned, so at least I can retrieve them if needed.

Thanks for the help


When using the set status activity the Transaction Item stored in your local variable is not automaticly refreshed. This could be the reason why the TheTransItem.Output property is null.

Unfortunately there is no Refresh Method available :neutral_face:

Give a try on Following:
Make sure that your assigning a good ReferenceID while Adding the TI with Add Transaction Item
Use the activity: Get Transaction Item and configure the Filter to your Tansaction Item Reference ID

Overwrite the TheTransItem Variable with the retrieved Transaction Item (Keep in mind you get a list and need a single Transaction Item. Use eg First() Statement or ElementAt(0) against the the list)

With Breakpoint Debugging you can verified that now the Output Property is no longer null


Thanks so much, I still have so much to learn about Queues and Transactions since I just started with this topic in the course I’m taking.

Are there any courses in RPA Academy you would recommend, I am currently taking a course outside of UI Path Academy but I have also started the Academy’s Foundation Level 1 Revamp course.


May I ask you to flag my Post as solution. So others can profit from our work quickly.

Level 1 Course is a good entry.
I was in the situation to give some demo on work queues to clients and collegues. For this I explored the different activites and created some story telling work flow like this:
Added a new item
Retrieve it
Set Status OK / Let it fail
Set Progress

Fazit: Have a look on the activities and explore the functionalities


Thanks again and I checked Solution. I looked at the option “Flag” at the bottom but that appeared to be for negative comments.


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