How to add output to Transaction item?


I have created an automation to look up phone numbers from an internal phone directory website.
I have uploaded the package to Orchestrator.

I’m starting the job by using the Orchestrator API (UiPathODataSvc.AddQueueItem), adding the name to be looked up in the SpecificContent property. It all runs fine, BUT, how do I pass the list of found persons back to the caller?

When I’m polling the Queue with QueueItems?$filter=… none of the OutputFields contain the result.

I’m using the SetTransaction Status activity to add to the output.

What am I doing wrong here? Shouldn’t it be as simple as adding string values to the Output collection of the SetTransactionStatus activity?

My automation is based on the “Robotic Enterprise Framework” template.

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Can you upload workflow or simplified snippet?

This is how i did it.


HI @mahamud , Is it possible to retrieve this output values from Orchestrator and save it into a variable with an Assign activity ?

Yes,if you use QueueItems and loop through it.

item.Output([Name of the variable])
_Test.xaml (14.9 KB)

Thanks a ton @mahamud, That really helped.

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