Add items from get text to already existing Excel file

Hi all,
I have a slight problem.
I use Get Text Activity to collect multiple data from a web page. I store them in a collection (don’t know if this is the right way)
Afterwards, I have an already built excel File in which I should write the data in the specified columns. Please help

Hello @zhasmina.dimitrova

You can get the data and write to excel directly using the Write cell activity.

Another approach is Create a Datatable and then write to Datatable using Add Data Row activity. Then write that datatable to excel.


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Hi @zhasmina.dimitrova

  1. Create the Build Data Table with necessary column → Store it as DtBuild

  2. Get the required data from the website

  3. Use Add Data Row activity

Check this image and pass the data like this in the add data row and pass the data table


  1. You can Append Range activity to add the data in the existing excel file

Check out this video link


With get text I got 14 cities, and corresponding number of time and weather.
How I should collect them and write into already exsitingexcel?

Have you tried with Add data Row activity ? @zhasmina.dimitrova

Yes, but I am not sure how I should add each variables.
I tried Add Data Row with {CityChecked}, but it is a string and takes only the first item.

Do you have any suggestions, I feel lost ;d

Hi @zhasmina.dimitrova ,

I’d like to question the approach - is the data you are extracting structured?
If so, then could you give the Data Scraping wizard or the screen scraping wizard a go?
It generates a DataTable which you can easily append to an existing Excel File using the Append Range Activity.

If the data isn’t structured i.e all over the website then we have to modify the collection and project it into a datatable before writing it to excel.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

data is not structured, get text iterates through all items and then adds them to a collection