Get text with formula

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to copy an amount online.

what i need to do is put a formula and paste it in a word file. is this doable?

pls help.


It is possible.
Just install word package in order to work with msword application.

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Hi Rahatadi.

Already installed word package.
May I ask how and where will I put the formula in my get text properties?


can you give an example of the data that you are trying to use along with the formula?

Hi VirajN,

i need to get the value in the box.
its auto generated.

and paste it here.

the challenge is that i need to get the 12% of this value and paste in the next box sa tax, and in the next box the sum of the value and tax.

Use Read Text Activity In Word Application Scope.
Get the field value you’re looking for.
Store it in a variable, Output
Tax=Output x 12/100

what i can think of is:
create an excel.
first column will be value,
2nd column will be gst 12% or just 1.12 for multiplication purpose
3rd column will have multiplication of 1st and 2nd column
copy the value of 3rd column to where you want

maybe this can help you a little better.

if me, i will use Click Image activity on “Final Bill Fee” text → then click indicate to the disabled input bar that written 600,000.00 → after that use Get OCR Text activity and indicate it to the same disabled input bar as well. (the output of Get OCR Text activity is a string).

then the output string you convert it to integer and use your formula to get the 12% of the value → then convert it back to string.

finally, use the output string on your word activity.

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Thanks wija,

really helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem :wink:

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